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~ On Yoshi’s Island With Genesis Evans

For this episode, I sent it to Brooklyn to record with Genesis and play a couple hours of smash!

Genny’s early YouTube videos, Lurknyc parts, and tricks in Johnny Wilson edits had such a huge influence on me coming up in skating. In high school, pre-917, Genny’s videos and personal skating showed me that skateboarding is truly about having fun with your friends and doing what comes natural!

Upon arriving to him and Caleb’s home, I gained a profound new appreciation of Genesis’s creative world. I walked into a house full of music, plushies, in-progress paintings, Caleb at their table recording a song, and their friend Marcus cutting out and sewing letters onto a polo. I quickly learned that skating is just one of many tools in Genny’s bag!

He said something that has since stuck with me because it was a feeling I’ve had, but I’ve never quite put into words.  As a kid, he thought that art/music were things someone was naturally good at and that it was like a superpower; you either had it or you didn’t. He noted that this ideology is one that deters people from trying new things. However, sometimes you suck at new things but that doesn’t mean you should stop or that you can’t be great at it!

We speak in-depth about Genny’s love/ear for music, deep musical roots, Blair, and venturing out into a solo career as genny!. This episode coincides with his first solo album release 8 SONGS, as Genny spoke at length about his creative process and work for this album. Go check that out!!! Oh and, as always, hope y’all enjoy.

~ Project Mayhem With Lucien Smith

I took the 6 to Chinatown, to the STP offices, to kick it with Lu!
There were many interviews out there covering Lucien’s past and early acclaim in the fine art world. However, I wanted this conversation to revolve around what would bring listeners more into the headspace in which he lives.

Lucien’s baby is STP, Serving The People, a nonprofit that focuses on bringing power back to creatives and pushes for collaboration. Obviously Lu describes this much better than I can! We speak in depth about how the organization came about, the steps that have come along the way, and where he/his team are working for it to go. Lucien speaks about his Seeds NFT project and offers his take on web3 technology/integration.

Having prior knowledge that he loved the film, we discuss the vast significance of Fight Club. He voices that there are several intricacies of the film that he has connected over the years to his personal life. Project Mayhem = STP. Furthermore, Lucien spoke about his personal work on short films, working on a full length film, and it being the medium that he has been pivoting into.

As always, there are a bunch of other goodies sprinkled in there! There are a few nice moments where we touch on mental health, the significance of it, and how beautiful times of hardship can be. You already know I love that 🙂

Thank you to Lucien for trusting me with your words and thank you to all of you checking it out! Much love as always!