Timeless: The Number 6, Side Chicks, and Yearning
Art, Culture - - Carol Li

Jewelry savant and Rococo enthusiast Carol Li aka Janky Jewels shares her throbbing thoughts on love and fidelity.

FCKKDD Up: A Conversation with Raafae Ghory
Art, Culture - - Maya Kotomori

Reading is fundamental! STP culture writer Maya Kotomori speaks with local artist and dear friend Raafae Ghory about time, the Internet and the makings of a fucked up book.

All Riders (Short Film and Interview)
Film - - Shanti Escalante-de Mattei
Director of the award-winning short All Riders Victor Dias Rodrigues and STP Blog's Shanti Escalante-de Mattei speak on the phone to discuss tenacity, disability rights, and his process as a politically engaged filmmaker. Read More >>
Chemtrails Over the Countryside
Art, Culture, Fashion, Photo - - Lindsey Okubo
Uluwehi Kang (pictured left) is a performance artist, clothing designer and PhD Art Crit candidate. Lehua Pelayo (pictured right) is a spiritual healer and artist. STP’s Lindsey Okubo brings the two friends and creatives together to talk about the troubles in paradise. Read More >>
Immanentise the E-girl
Critique, Culture, Pop culture - - Moselle K.

Immanentise: “to attempt that which belongs to the afterlife happen here and now.” A reference to the eschaton, or the final divine moment in a Greek play, Moselle K writes the e-girl in through her art, urgency and looks.

The Senseless Bliss of Bippleyipsnip
Culture - - Jay Chary
Jay Chary breaks down the verbage and cultural context around the instagram account of Baltimore barber bippleyipsnip. Read More >>
Tech Literacy and The News
Critique, Pop culture - - Maya Kotomori
Toss your iPhones to the proverbial wolves, sheeple: or it will be YOUR ass! Live from her Sidekick II, dystopian futurist Maya Kotomori is here to hit you with solid proof that the Internet is trying to turn us into fishpeople who feed on microplastics. You’re welcome. Read More >>
No Boundaries: An Interview with Ali Sahmel and Emily McElwreath
Art, Culture - - Lauryn-Ashley Vandyke
STP Blog Editor in Chief Lauryn-Ashley Vandyke sits down with gallerists and small business owners Ali Sahmel and Emily McElwreath to discuss merging business with your girlfriend. Read More >>
Westside Compost x Serving the People
Environment, Fashion, Health -

Westside Compost teams up with Serving the People to share the environmental initiative aiming to encourage and educate about re-soiling and other environmental practices. Filmed by Jaxon Whittington, styled by Melissa Lim, and edited by Giselle Shiyen.


Hard and Soft with Isabella Norris and Titus McBeath
Art, Culture - - Tyler Nicole Glenn
Tyler Nicole Glenn (they/them) is a visual artist and writer based in Tampa, Florida. They are a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts, where they received their BFA in Fine Arts with Honors. They've invited Isabella Norris and Titus McBeath to conduct an interview-style conversation before their work is featured in STP Group Show 3 at Pegasus Prints Gallery.  Read More >>