Ozzy Time
Photo -

   Sandy Kim photographs Ozzy Osbourne at his home in Los Angeles, CA. January 2020.    

The Impossible Dream : A Manifesto On Sustainability. 
Critique, Fashion - - Isabelle Saxton

For Isabelle Saxton, sustainability is the most important part of design. Her thesis collection, The Impossible Dream, is high in contrast, mashed together, somewhat clumsy, mostly loved, and tremendously accidental. It visibly Stands Out For Sustainability to achieve its end goal of educating the viewer about sustainability, expose environmental hoaxes, and encourage self-motivated learning.

Photo - - Abe Atri
A collection of nature and street photographs captured by Abe Atri in and around Los Angeles in the year 2020. Read More >>
Reclaiming ‘Bimbo’ with Biz Sherbert and Carol Li
Art, Critique, Culture, Fashion - - Tyler Glenn
Tyler Nicole Glenn brings artist Carol Li and fashion theorist Biz Sherbert together for a virtual studio visit + conversation where they discuss influences, self-infantilization and how Gen Z rules contemporary culture. Read More >>
Witching Hour w/ art dealer Kendra Jayne Patrick
Art - - Marissa Delano

Marissa Delano: Typically your itinerant gallery programming is based in New York, but since the spring you’ve been quarantined in Switzerland with Ernst [boyfriend] and his family. Can you describe the ease or difficulty of working remotely and from overseas? Kendra Jayne Patrick: The most difficult aspect is the time difference. It has also been hard as an American to watch from another country as the economic and political situation continues to unravel in America. I found myself envying Swiss life where you can be a regular person because the government’s everyday systems work for you. It's been a mixed...

Tales from Rat City: Smithley Ville
Photo - - Smithley Ville

Smithley Ville captures what is often overlooked and seen as mundane and uses that as a source to pull magic from. Photos taken around Massachusetts.

Kaia Gerber's Book Shelf
- Kaia Gerber
Model Kaia Gerber writes love letters to her favorite books. Read More >>
Martha's Vineyard Pop-Up Restaurant Reflections
Culture, Food - - Macklin Casnoff
Chef Macklin Casnoff recounts a culinary pop-up experiment, travelog style. In response to early quarantining measures, Casnoff was inspired to find a way to serve the people (his food). Along with friend and fellow chef Flynn McGarry, he headed to Martha's Vineyard to create a unique dining experience. Read More >>
In Conversation with Julio Williams
- Joseph Parker Smith
Joseph Smith takes Bushwick-based artist Julio Williams through an exploration re-experiencing time and memory through the transfer of photos to paintings. His most recent series, based on photos of his old bed, subtly touches on much bigger themes like nostalgia, loss, and love. Read More >>
Temporary Identity: Evian Zhang
Photo - - Evian Zhang
Evian Zhang on identity and the power it holds. Read More >>