STP News Biennial
Art, Critique, Pop culture - - Maya Kotomori
Welcome to the STP News Biennial! Dedicated Gary Webb fan Maya Kotomori gives you a gallery tour of the most recent drama. Read More >>
Not Today Satan: Interview with T-Rex
Art, Culture - - Logan Brown
Tyler Rexeisen sits with Logan Brown to talk about the new year, his inspiration, and the shift from fashion design to drawing and painting. Read More >>
Which Downtown Show to Take Your Date to on Sunday, and More!
Art, Critique, Culture - - Lauryn-Ashley Vandyke
This week, LA stayed in Downtown Manhattan and went to Perrotin, Anonymous Gallery, Bridget Donahue, and Karma. Read More >>
Art in an Emergency: Guidelines for How Art Can Address Climate Change
Art, Culture, Environment - - Shanti Escalante-De Mattei
STP writer Shanti Escalante-De Mattei makes a guide on how artists can address climate change in their work through a variety of tactics. Read More >>
A Material Exploration of SCOBY
Art, Environment, Food, Health - - Dalila Oliver
Dalila Oliver walks us through her process of making SCOBY and kombucha, BioArt style. Read More >>
Saving the World : A Conversation with Alisa Petrosova
Art, Culture, Environment - - Shanti Escalante
Alisa Petrosova is bringing her experience to STP with “What Will You Tell Next Year?”, a six month opportunity for artists and writers to work on their climate change-focused projects. STP writer Shanti Escalante gets on the phone to discuss what it took for Petrosova to put climate change first. Read More >>
Art - - Allegra Samsen
Allegra Samsen explores evidence and temporality in a journal-style article. Read More >>
Machine Labor Intensive with Kaitlyn Jo Smith + Genevieve Goffman
Art, Critique, Culture - - Tyler Glenn

Tyler Nicole Glenn brings artists Kaitlyn Jo Smith and Genevieve Goffman together for a virtual studio visit + conversation where they discuss technology's role in their art practice, where they find their inspiration, and life as an artist after completing an MFA.

10 Yoga Poses for Artists
Art, Health - - Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller has been studying, practicing, living and teaching yoga since 2007. Through her lens, yoga is a way to study one's Self and become a more conscious individual. You know the practice is working when life is easier; when you have tools and techniques to regain equilibrium; when you move through the ups and downs of life with less grasping and attachment. Kyle has led trainings, retreats and workshops all over the world and has completely pivoted to digital since the pandemic. She's now creating a global community on zoom every week. Read More >>
Selfish Organ: A Scientific Method
Art, Fashion, Science - - Masha Kurguzkina
Artist and designer Masha Kurguzkina shares a glimpse into the process behind her NYFW 2020 collection entitled 'Epilepsy.' 'Epilepsy' expands our ways to learn about science in an unconventional manner, and uses art to help us navigate through it as a way to get rid of frustration and confusion. Read More >>