10 Yoga Poses for Artists
Art, Health -
Kyle Miller has been studying, practicing, living and teaching yoga since 2007. Through her lens, yoga is a way to study one's Self and become a more conscious individual. You know the practice is working when life is easier; when you have tools and techniques to regain equilibrium; when you move through the ups and downs of life with less grasping and attachment. Kyle has led trainings, retreats and workshops all over the world and has completely pivoted to digital since the pandemic. She's now creating a global community on zoom every week. Read More >>
Selfish Organ: A Scientific Method
Art, Fashion, Science - - Masha Kurguzkina
Artist and designer Masha Kurguzkina shares a glimpse into the process behind her NYFW 2020 collection entitled 'Epilepsy.' 'Epilepsy' expands our ways to learn about science in an unconventional manner, and uses art to help us navigate through it as a way to get rid of frustration and confusion. Read More >>
Vancouver to Berlin: Interdisciplinary Art Practice with Kira Buro + Zeynep Samioglu
Art, Culture - - Tyler Glenn
Tyler Nicole Glenn brings artists Kira Buro (pictured left) and Zeynep Samioglu (pictured right) together for a virtual studio visit + conversation where they discuss metaphors, meme culture and life as contemporary artists living outside the United States. Read More >>
Curatorial Instigation with Now Curation
Art, Critique, Culture -
Thea Voyles and Sieun Lee started their curatorial collective, Now Curation, in January 2019. You can explore their projects on their instagram and website. Read More >>
Panoptic Party People
Art, Critique, Culture - - Evan Moore
Evan Moore explores the art gallery space within the context of panoptic architecture. Read More >>
In Conversation with: KT Hickman
Art - - Joseph Parker Smith

Joseph Smith is a Bushwick based painter and interviewer. He conducts studio visits with emerging to mid-career artists. These interviews serve as documentations of the artist, the artworld, the time period, etc. You can find his work and current projects on his website, or instagram. He visited KT Hickman’s studio towards the end of September 2020 to rummage through stacks of old paintings while talking about the eponymous Coke. 

Reclaiming ‘Bimbo’ with Biz Sherbert and Carol Li
Art, Critique, Culture, Fashion - - Tyler Glenn
Tyler Nicole Glenn brings artist Carol Li and fashion theorist Biz Sherbert together for a virtual studio visit + conversation where they discuss influences, self-infantilization and how Gen Z rules contemporary culture. Read More >>
Witching Hour w/ art dealer Kendra Jayne Patrick
Art - - Marissa Delano

Marissa Delano: Typically your itinerant gallery programming is based in New York, but since the spring you’ve been quarantined in Switzerland with Ernst [boyfriend] and his family. Can you describe the ease or difficulty of working remotely and from overseas? Kendra Jayne Patrick: The most difficult aspect is the time difference. It has also been hard as an American to watch from another country as the economic and political situation continues to unravel in America. I found myself envying Swiss life where you can be a regular person because the government’s everyday systems work for you. It's been a mixed...

Drive-in Kill Spree - A Conversation with Eugene Kotlyarenko
Art, Film - - Anatole Alexander

In both aesthetics and thematics, Spree is jarring. Drake produced it. Joe Keery stars in it. Mischa Barton dies in it. James Ferraro scores it. As a film that some received as an “inside joke for Gen z,” Spree operates on the based-cringe universal rating spectrum, the Chan-born navbar, and the criterion which emphatically forgoes nuance and discourse.

The Humbling Matter of Collective Work & Action, with Sage Adams & Anajah Hamilton of Art Hoe Collective
Art - - Paige Labuda , Allie Monck
STP sat down with Art Hoe Collective curators Sage Adams and Anajah Hamilton in early June to discuss their ever-budding platform, the role of art in social movements, and where the Collective is heading next. Read More >>