Immanentise the E-girl
Critique, Culture, Pop culture - - Moselle K.

Immanentise: “to attempt that which belongs to the afterlife happen here and now.” A reference to the eschaton, or the final divine moment in a Greek play, Moselle K writes the e-girl in through her art, urgency and looks.

Tech Literacy and The News
Critique, Pop culture - - Maya Kotomori
Toss your iPhones to the proverbial wolves, sheeple: or it will be YOUR ass! Live from her Sidekick II, dystopian futurist Maya Kotomori is here to hit you with solid proof that the Internet is trying to turn us into fishpeople who feed on microplastics. You’re welcome. Read More >>
Spiderpig! or, The Toxic Pigs of Fukushima
Critique, Film - - Shanti Escalante-De Mattei
Shanti Escalante-De Mattei shares a film review of the new Vice documentary The Toxic Pigs of Fukushima. Read More >>
STP News Biennial
Art, Critique, Pop culture - - Maya Kotomori
Welcome to the STP News Biennial! Dedicated Gary Webb fan Maya Kotomori gives you a gallery tour of the most recent drama. Read More >>
Subversive Sounds: Drill and Afro-Pessimism
Critique, Culture, Music - - Liam Sangmuah
Liam Sangmuah shares some history and context behind drill music. Click here to listen to his drill playlist. Read More >>
Gas vs. Trash: January 2021 Snack Release Round Up
Critique, Food - - ShitGrub
ShitGrub shares his take on the new snacks that were gas and the ones that were trash in January 2021. Read More >>
The Potency Of The American Dream (Video and Essay)
Critique, Film - - Sebastien Samson
Sebastien Samson premieres his latest video art alongside the context which inspired the piece. Read More >>
To Erase A Cloud- Jim Longden, 2021 (Trailer and Film Review)
Critique, Film - -

 Lauryn-Ashley Vandyke

STP premieres Jim Longden’s first film trailer with a review from STP Blog Editor in Chief. To Erase a Cloud will be released in Summer 2021.

Machine Labor Intensive with Kaitlyn Jo Smith + Genevieve Goffman
Art, Critique, Culture - - Tyler Glenn

Tyler Nicole Glenn brings artists Kaitlyn Jo Smith and Genevieve Goffman together for a virtual studio visit + conversation where they discuss technology's role in their art practice, where they find their inspiration, and life as an artist after completing an MFA.

Curatorial Instigation with Now Curation
Art, Critique, Culture -
Thea Voyles and Sieun Lee started their curatorial collective, Now Curation, in January 2019. You can explore their projects on their instagram and website. Read More >>