It's Cocktober!
Culture - - Elliott Weil
Happy spooky season, you little sluts. We're talking social media, we're talking nasty nostalgia. Elliott Weil explores community through the concept of the email thread - forward to 10 people or you will never have sex again! Read More >>
Vancouver to Berlin: Interdisciplinary Art Practice with Kira Buro + Zeynep Samioglu
Art, Culture - - Tyler Glenn
Tyler Nicole Glenn brings artists Kira Buro (pictured left) and Zeynep Samioglu (pictured right) together for a virtual studio visit + conversation where they discuss metaphors, meme culture and life as contemporary artists living outside the United States. Read More >>
Curatorial Instigation with Now Curation
Art, Critique, Culture -
Thea Voyles and Sieun Lee started their curatorial collective, Now Curation, in January 2019. You can explore their projects on their instagram and website. Read More >>
Fashion and Agency with Gia Kuan Consultancy
Culture, Fashion, Fashion week -

STP's Lindsey Okubo sits down with Gia Kuan to talk about life in the fast lane, the cracks in the system, and the realities of an industry that has us all wide-eyed, inspired, and anxious.

Panoptic Party People
Art, Critique, Culture - - Evan Moore
Evan Moore explores the art gallery space within the context of panoptic architecture. Read More >>
Reclaiming ‘Bimbo’ with Biz Sherbert and Carol Li
Art, Critique, Culture, Fashion - - Tyler Glenn
Tyler Nicole Glenn brings artist Carol Li and fashion theorist Biz Sherbert together for a virtual studio visit + conversation where they discuss influences, self-infantilization and how Gen Z rules contemporary culture. Read More >>
Martha's Vineyard Pop-Up Restaurant Reflections
Culture, Food - - Macklin Casnoff
Chef Macklin Casnoff recounts a culinary pop-up experiment, travelog style. In response to early quarantining measures, Casnoff was inspired to find a way to serve the people (his food). Along with friend and fellow chef Flynn McGarry, he headed to Martha's Vineyard to create a unique dining experience. Read More >>
Billie Eilish v. Kim Gordon - Who Wore It Better?
Critique, Culture, Music - - Maya Kotomori

This title is clickbait. I have no authorly will to pit two women against each other – a sin in this century’s former years’ unofficial feminist scripture. My general desire, instead, is to considerhow these two women show a bond of sisterhood – a virtue from a different page of the same feminist scripture. In thinking about feminism and women, time and place, I think about Billie Eilish and Kim Gordon (yes, respectively).  I remember reading this quote from Billie earlier this year, and decided to ignore it at risk of deep frying my brain. Don’t get me wrong –...

Meme Countertransference with @themasterofcum
Culture - - L.A. Vandyke

The admin of instagram meme page @thematerofcum walks us through the origins, inspiration, and psychoanalytic insight behind the humor.

Sex, Drugs, and Other Artist Coping Mechanisms
Art, Culture - - L.A. Vandyke
How can artists employ therapeutic techniques and practices to enhance their work? STP's L.A. Vandyke explores how vices, philosophy, sex, and gender can spark creativity and beyond. Read More >>