Timeless: The Number 6, Side Chicks, and Yearning
Art, Culture - - Carol Li

Jewelry savant and Rococo enthusiast Carol Li aka Janky Jewels shares her throbbing thoughts on love and fidelity.

FCKKDD Up: A Conversation with Raafae Ghory
Art, Culture - - Maya Kotomori

Reading is fundamental! STP culture writer Maya Kotomori speaks with local artist and dear friend Raafae Ghory about time, the Internet and the makings of a fucked up book.

Chemtrails Over the Countryside
Art, Culture, Fashion, Photo - - Lindsey Okubo
Uluwehi Kang (pictured left) is a performance artist, clothing designer and PhD Art Crit candidate. Lehua Pelayo (pictured right) is a spiritual healer and artist. STP’s Lindsey Okubo brings the two friends and creatives together to talk about the troubles in paradise. Read More >>
Immanentise the E-girl
Critique, Culture, Pop culture - - Moselle K.

Immanentise: “to attempt that which belongs to the afterlife happen here and now.” A reference to the eschaton, or the final divine moment in a Greek play, Moselle K writes the e-girl in through her art, urgency and looks.

The Senseless Bliss of Bippleyipsnip
Culture - - Jay Chary
Jay Chary breaks down the verbage and cultural context around the instagram account of Baltimore barber bippleyipsnip. Read More >>
No Boundaries: An Interview with Ali Sahmel and Emily McElwreath
Art, Culture - - Lauryn-Ashley Vandyke
STP Blog Editor in Chief Lauryn-Ashley Vandyke sits down with gallerists and small business owners Ali Sahmel and Emily McElwreath to discuss merging business with your girlfriend. Read More >>
Hard and Soft with Isabella Norris and Titus McBeath
Art, Culture - - Tyler Nicole Glenn
Tyler Nicole Glenn (they/them) is a visual artist and writer based in Tampa, Florida. They are a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts, where they received their BFA in Fine Arts with Honors. They've invited Isabella Norris and Titus McBeath to conduct an interview-style conversation before their work is featured in STP Group Show 3 at Pegasus Prints Gallery.  Read More >>
Subversive Sounds: Drill and Afro-Pessimism
Critique, Culture, Music - - Liam Sangmuah
Liam Sangmuah shares some history and context behind drill music. Click here to listen to his drill playlist. Read More >>
Not Today Satan: Interview with T-Rex
Art, Culture - - Logan Brown
Tyler Rexeisen sits with Logan Brown to talk about the new year, his inspiration, and the shift from fashion design to drawing and painting. Read More >>
Los Angeles, Our Forbidden Valentine
Culture, Food - - Allegra Samsen
Allegra Samsen holds our hand around Los Angeles, showing us how she shows love to the city that has her heart. Read More >>