Chemtrails Over the Countryside
Art, Culture, Fashion, Photo - - Lindsey Okubo
Uluwehi Kang (pictured left) is a performance artist, clothing designer and PhD Art Crit candidate. Lehua Pelayo (pictured right) is a spiritual healer and artist. STP’s Lindsey Okubo brings the two friends and creatives together to talk about the troubles in paradise. Read More >>
Westside Compost x Serving the People
Environment, Fashion, Health -

Westside Compost teams up with Serving the People to share the environmental initiative aiming to encourage and educate about re-soiling and other environmental practices. Filmed by Jaxon Whittington, styled by Melissa Lim, and edited by Giselle Shiyen.


What to Get Your Date for Valentine's Day
Culture, Fashion -
I know we're cutting it close, but STP Blog Editors really wanted to shout out our favorite independent jewelry designers in time for Valentine's Day. Read More >>
Black Goth Girls (Mini Research Paper)
Culture, Fashion - - Maya Kotomori
Maya Kotomori explores the goth subculture through the sub-category of Black Gothic culture. Read More >>
Selfish Organ: A Scientific Method
Art, Fashion, Science - - Masha Kurguzkina
Artist and designer Masha Kurguzkina shares a glimpse into the process behind her NYFW 2020 collection entitled 'Epilepsy.' 'Epilepsy' expands our ways to learn about science in an unconventional manner, and uses art to help us navigate through it as a way to get rid of frustration and confusion. Read More >>
Fashion and Agency with Gia Kuan Consultancy
Culture, Fashion, Fashion week -

STP's Lindsey Okubo sits down with Gia Kuan to talk about life in the fast lane, the cracks in the system, and the realities of an industry that has us all wide-eyed, inspired, and anxious.

The Impossible Dream : A Manifesto On Sustainability. 
Critique, Fashion - - Isabelle Saxton

For Isabelle Saxton, sustainability is the most important part of design. Her thesis collection, The Impossible Dream, is high in contrast, mashed together, somewhat clumsy, mostly loved, and tremendously accidental. It visibly Stands Out For Sustainability to achieve its end goal of educating the viewer about sustainability, expose environmental hoaxes, and encourage self-motivated learning.

Reclaiming ‘Bimbo’ with Biz Sherbert and Carol Li
Art, Critique, Culture, Fashion - - Tyler Glenn
Tyler Nicole Glenn brings artist Carol Li and fashion theorist Biz Sherbert together for a virtual studio visit + conversation where they discuss influences, self-infantilization and how Gen Z rules contemporary culture. Read More >>
Join Shay Galla on the STP Virtual Runway
Fashion, Fashion week - - Emily Pavis, Maya Kotomori and L.A. Vandyke
“When I was little I used to get these destroyed Barbies from a junk store in Bushwick and I would sew them little outfits out of socks.” Read More >>