Buffalo Chicken Empanada and Autumn Salad with Buttermilk Scallion Lemon Dressing
Food - - Andres Salamanca
Andres Salamanca walks us through one of his favorite Autumn recipe combos! Read More >>
Paris Miscellaneous: Lucien Smith
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Lucien Smith takes us through Paris during the COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020. Read More >>
Martha's Vineyard Pop-Up Restaurant Reflections
Culture, Food - - Macklin Casnoff
Chef Macklin Casnoff recounts a culinary pop-up experiment, travelog style. In response to early quarantining measures, Casnoff was inspired to find a way to serve the people (his food). Along with friend and fellow chef Flynn McGarry, he headed to Martha's Vineyard to create a unique dining experience. Read More >>
Lexie Smith on Bread and the Current State of Things
Art, Food - - Paige Labuda
A late April conversation, where artist Lexie Smith talks presciently (as we read in hindsight) about the deluge of sourdough in quarantine, the compounding isolation of our everyday, and the many things that the study of Bread has led her to. Read More >>
Macklin's Vegan Popeye’s Mushroom Sandwich (recipe)
Food - - Macklin Casnoff
Macklin Casnoff shares a vegan riff on the famous Popeye's Chicken Sandwich. Read More >>