Westside Compost x Serving the People
Environment, Fashion, Health -

Westside Compost teams up with Serving the People to share the environmental initiative aiming to encourage and educate about re-soiling and other environmental practices. Filmed by Jaxon Whittington, styled by Melissa Lim, and edited by Giselle Shiyen.


A Material Exploration of SCOBY
Art, Environment, Food, Health - - Dalila Oliver
Dalila Oliver walks us through her process of making SCOBY and kombucha, BioArt style. Read More >>
10 Yoga Poses for Artists
Art, Health - - Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller has been studying, practicing, living and teaching yoga since 2007. Through her lens, yoga is a way to study one's Self and become a more conscious individual. You know the practice is working when life is easier; when you have tools and techniques to regain equilibrium; when you move through the ups and downs of life with less grasping and attachment. Kyle has led trainings, retreats and workshops all over the world and has completely pivoted to digital since the pandemic. She's now creating a global community on zoom every week. Read More >>