Subversive Sounds: Drill and Afro-Pessimism
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All My Friends (Music Video and Interview)
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How to Buy Morals
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Billie Eilish v. Kim Gordon - Who Wore It Better?
Critique, Culture, Music - - Maya Kotomori

This title is clickbait. I have no authorly will to pit two women against each other – a sin in this century’s former years’ unofficial feminist scripture. My general desire, instead, is to considerhow these two women show a bond of sisterhood – a virtue from a different page of the same feminist scripture. In thinking about feminism and women, time and place, I think about Billie Eilish and Kim Gordon (yes, respectively).  I remember reading this quote from Billie earlier this year, and decided to ignore it at risk of deep frying my brain. Don’t get me wrong –...