In Conversation with: Julio Williams
- Joseph Parker Smith
Joseph Smith takes Bushwick-based artist Julio Williams through an exploration re-experiencing time and memory through the transfer of photos to paintings. His most recent series, based on photos of his old bed, subtly touches on much bigger themes like nostalgia, loss, and love. Read More >>
Drive-in Kill Spree - A Conversation with Eugene Kotlyarenko
Art, Film - - Anatole Alexander

In both aesthetics and thematics, Spree is jarring. Drake produced it. Joe Keery stars in it. Mischa Barton dies in it. James Ferraro scores it. As a film that some received as an “inside joke for Gen z,” Spree operates on the based-cringe universal rating spectrum, the Chan-born navbar, and the criterion which emphatically forgoes nuance and discourse.

Join Shay Galla on the STP Virtual Runway
Fashion, Fashion week - - Emily Pavis, Maya Kotomori and L.A. Vandyke
“When I was little I used to get these destroyed Barbies from a junk store in Bushwick and I would sew them little outfits out of socks.” Read More >>
Billie Eilish v. Kim Gordon - Who Wore It Better?
Critique, Culture, Music - - Maya Kotomori

This title is clickbait. I have no authorly will to pit two women against each other – a sin in this century’s former years’ unofficial feminist scripture. My general desire, instead, is to considerhow these two women show a bond of sisterhood – a virtue from a different page of the same feminist scripture. In thinking about feminism and women, time and place, I think about Billie Eilish and Kim Gordon (yes, respectively).  I remember reading this quote from Billie earlier this year, and decided to ignore it at risk of deep frying my brain. Don’t get me wrong –...

Meme Countertransference with @themasterofcum
Culture - -

 Lauryn-Ashley Vandyke

The admin of instagram meme page @thematerofcum walks us through the origins, inspiration, and psychoanalytic insight behind the humor.

The Humbling Matter of Collective Work & Action, with Sage Adams & Anajah Hamilton of Art Hoe Collective
Art - - Paige Labuda, Allie Monck
STP sat down with Art Hoe Collective curators Sage Adams and Anajah Hamilton in early June to discuss their ever-budding platform, the role of art in social movements, and where the Collective is heading next. Read More >>
Lexie Smith on Bread and the Current State of Things
Art, Food - - Paige Labuda
A late April conversation, where artist Lexie Smith talks presciently (as we read in hindsight) about the deluge of sourdough in quarantine, the compounding isolation of our everyday, and the many things that the study of Bread has led her to. Read More >>
Amelie Schläffer is looking for your footprints (and other data)
- Allie Monck
Surveillance remains a perennial topic of conversation and concern. Amelie Schläffer's work asks us to consider whether or not we truly own our data, and what someone can create when happening upon the data of a stranger. Read More >>
Looking for the Grotesque, on the road with Violet King
Art - - Allie Monck

Photographer Violet King is on the lookout for the grotesque, the abnormal, and the strange in our everyday surroundings. STP caught up with King to learn more about her work, consider trash popsicles, and find out how King is making art from isolation. 

Sex, Drugs, and Other Artist Coping Mechanisms
Art, Culture - - L.A. Vandyke
How can artists employ therapeutic techniques and practices to enhance their work? STP's L.A. Vandyke explores how vices, philosophy, sex, and gender can spark creativity and beyond. Read More >>