A Material Exploration of SCOBY
Art, Environment, Food, Health - - Dalila Oliver
Dalila Oliver walks us through her process of making SCOBY and kombucha, BioArt style. Read More >>
Gas vs. Trash: January 2021 Snack Release Round Up
Critique, Food - - ShitGrub
ShitGrub shares his take on the new snacks that were gas and the ones that were trash in January 2021. Read More >>
Saving the World : A Conversation with Alisa Petrosova
Art, Culture, Environment - - Shanti Escalante
Alisa Petrosova is bringing her experience to STP with “What Will You Tell Next Year?”, a six month opportunity for artists and writers to work on their climate change-focused projects. STP writer Shanti Escalante gets on the phone to discuss what it took for Petrosova to put climate change first. Read More >>
Among Us: Zombie Formalism in the Recent Social and Political Reboots
Gossip, Pop culture -
Whether it’s resurrected politics or TV series returned from the grave, this week's pop culture rundown's got you covered. Rumored necrophiliac Maya Kotomori brings you last week’s chisme with an undead twist. Read More >>
instagram.com/carolinecalloway, Played by Caroline Calloway
- Martha Fearnley
It Girl Theory podcast co-host Martha Fearnley walks us through Caroline Calloway, who she deems "one of the only influencers who has successfully utilized Instagram as a method of autobiography." Click here to listen to It Girl Theory. Read More >>
The Potency Of The American Dream (Video and Essay)
Critique, Film - - Sebastien Samson
Sebastien Samson premieres his latest video art alongside the context which inspired the piece. Read More >>
The Cadaver of Last Week's Drama
Gossip, Pop culture - - Maya Kotomori
The first two weeks of the New Year pop a wheelie on the zeitgeist. From murder fantasies to people not knowing what they’re talking about, STP dame Maya Kotomori dives into last week’s psychosexual drama.  Read More >>
To Erase A Cloud- Jim Longden, 2021 (Trailer and Film Review)
Critique, Film - -

 Lauryn-Ashley Vandyke

STP premieres Jim Longden’s first film trailer with a review from STP Blog Editor in Chief. To Erase a Cloud will be released in Summer 2021.

Macklin's Stay Inside Sunchoke Soup
Food - - Macklin Casnoff
When it seems like things are getting bleak, go to the farmer’s market and make soup! Soup is good and warm, and you’re cold, and maybe lonely. Use the farmer’s market asa a break from the redundancy of 2020. Recipe by Macklin Casnoff. Read More >>
Art - - Allegra Samsen
Allegra Samsen explores evidence and temporality in a journal-style article. Read More >>