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Making it Rain: Armando Nin
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Recently, I was invited to a “secret soirée” at an undisclosed location in Queens. Upon entry, my friend paid a $100 entrance fee and we were patted down by security. The security guard didn’t pat me down with enough scrutiny to confiscate the 35 mm camera in my back pocket, as I didn’t seem to be a part of the usual crowd of gang members and drug dealers who came to the club. Feeling awkward, I tossed up the $200 I had in one dollar bills just to cause commotion. Cinematically, trap music started playing as soon as my dollar bills flew into the air, and a flock of girls started dancing. After looking around and chatting to a few of the dancers over the loud music, I realized the “club” was actually an out-of-use bar and the “strippers” were actually attractive female gang members. There, if you weren’t spending money or “making it rain” you’d be escorted out. I constantly checked if my friend was throwing money because it made me feel more confident taking these photos if he was participating in this bacchanal, too. I wasn't really prepared to go to this event, but I would love to go again with more film at a time where I can afford to “make it rain.” By Armando Nin.