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Persona: Allison Nguyen
Photo - - Allison Nguyen

I take photos because I found it’s the only way for me to understand people and identity. I think my best work is when I have a certain kind of relationship with the subjects. Taking this time to train my lens on myself, I find the intimate connection within in the act of self-documenting. 

I turned 24 this summer in the midst of confusion and frustration. I use different formats because I don’t know what works best. I try all kinds of art and craft forms because I don’t know what I’m good at. And that’s okay. The advantage we have now is that we have so much time to talk with friends, collaborators and ourselves. It is a nurturing process that will let us come to terms with ourselves later on. And when words can’t be spoken, I find it utterly comfortable in front of the camera to showcase a part of me.

Instagram: @allisonnguyn
Website: https://www.allisonnguyen.com/