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Shay Galla 2021 Lookbook
Fashion, Photo -
Shay Galla's first official lookbook, shot by Alexia Mavroleon, styled by Dean DiCriscio and with graphic design by Rohan Chaurasia. The lookbook shows new iterations of previous works from her graduate collection, modeled by Mimi, Taylor, Camille, and Gal. The release of this lookbook is coinciding with the release of her website, which will soon feature select looks for purchase.

The process behind the mini collection was guided by material, versatility, and fit. Shay Galla's goal was to make clothes that could morph to hug the body of the wearer; each piece has the ability to change into a different silhouette or garment, and, for the most part, they are all able to be adjusted for a perfect fit. This first lookbook is an exploration of the transformative nature of these pieces and the new perspective gained upon revisiting them, tying it all up in a bow.