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Tales from Rat City: Smithley Ville
Photo - - Smithley Ville

DW Field Park Quincy, Lil Valley Cambridge Montello Anna, Fenway Fenway Cape Cod Gotta Ketchum Mary, South End Bitterwork, Malden High Maintenance, Cambridge Charlotte, South End Thumper, Cambridge Castle Byers, North End Jesus, The Hill Meditation, Cambridge Lamp, Southie Portals, Boylston Monolith, Manchester Volley, DW Field Park Glow, Fenway Steven Stone, Admiral Park Sample, Fenway Reach, Brockton Lights, Admiral Park Beantown, Cambridge

Smithley Ville captures what is often overlooked and seen as mundane and uses that as a source to pull magic from. Photos taken around Massachusetts.


Website: smithleyville.com

Youtube: Smithley Ville

Instagram: @smithleyville