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Temporary Identity: Evian Zhang
Photo - - Evian Zhang

We always feel responsible to act like a defined identity, knowing what we should do according to who we are. We have a temporary identity relative to other people everywhere. It limits the possibility of the storyline in a certain era, maintaining the storyline in a controllable zone. Identities and relations between individuals operate in an existing form. It preserves social stability and the poetic capacity. But many attempts were still made to depart from those definitions in a more private and controllable way, which develop a potential for a new definition. For example, open relationship was invented in 1972 by a book, which later gained popularity and became a kind of relationship for people to choose. Definitions of different identities are also refining themselves in multiple storylines, allowing each individual to find a better fit. So I feel visualizing the moment of this departure might help give a broader definition of those temporary identities and relations.

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