Raavi and the Houseplants
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Photos by Raavi and the Houseplants and Veronica Bettio from the Raavi and the Houseplants band retreat in November 2020 in Germantown, NY. Click here to see a live performance from their trip to Germantown. Read More >>
Konked: Ben Absent
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Ben Absent shares some photos of faces he came across in Atlanta and Boston over the past year.

Do Your Own Research: Abe Atri
Critique, Photo -
Abe Atri takes photos at a Trump protest about the early results of the 2020 presidential election. Read More >>
Making it Rain: Armando Nin
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Photos from a "strip club" by  Armando Nin. Read More >>
Kauai: Lucien Smith
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Lucien Smith's photos from Hawaii in November 2020. Read More >>
Before She Broke: Tao Antrim
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"Before She Broke" is a collection of Tao Antrim's favorite Fuji polaroids shot before his beloved Instax camera... broke.  Read More >>
Father's World: Mia Manning
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Mia Manning follows Father around for the day as they go down to Value Village and his crib. Read More >>
The 1975: Jordan Curtis Hughes
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Jordan Curtis Hughes spent most of the couple months before lockdown touring New Zealand and Australia with The 1975 shooting their headline slot at Laneway Festival. Looking at these images retrospectively, the festival was the last big hurrah before COVID really took a grip on Europe, Australia, and New Zealand at the beginning of March and shut everything down. You can follow Jordan on Instagram and Twitter. Read More >>
Dr. Clarks and More: Lucien Smith
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Lucien Smith brings his camera to karaoke in Downtown Manhattan. Read More >>
Montauk October: Lucien Smith
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Montauk-based artist Lucien Smith shares some photos from an afternoon in town from October 2020. Read More >>