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Icing 2, 2018

Adrian Schachter
Acrylic, gesso and gel on wooden board
34 x 34 in
86.36 x 86.36 cm

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"My work has close significance to my everyday life. Although it is not usualy a direct representation of particular landscapes or figures, it is heavily influenced by the way people and natural landscapes make me feel and effect the inner workings of my mind. I frequently use text as a vessel to distribute color and add to the composition of my depictions of moments in time. The text is a combination of personal experiences, quotations and a fluid stream of consciousness that is overarched by my willingness to neither reject nor accept anything that I am confronted with while immersed within the physical act of painting. The background of the work is painted using a push and pull technique between acrylics gesso’s, spray paints, oil paints and different temperatures of water (sometimes at boiling point). I want my backgrounds to be able to absorb all natural and artificial light that comes its way while simultaneously casting a deep breadth of light and shadow into the environment in which it is placed. I work with many layers trying to re-appropriate the depth of our atmosphere. My backgrounds are then further pulled back into space when the flattening text is seemingly randomly placed across the surface. The text is usually painted using raw pigment oil sticks. The easily moldable, dense pieces of pigments are perfect for my proses of writing as I am able to create a line that has a certain level of transience. With this medium the line’s width, fluidity and overall breadth is ever changing. My text should be considered as a compilation of organic forms that is not always legible. I want to create a similar sensation that one receives from glancing through a book written in a language that is somewhat foreign and incomprehensible. In these contexts, some of the words begin to become abstract lines that divide the works. Overall my work should have a sense of age and time to it. Through the process of painting the work should gain a life of its own. In the way the highly textured background is created each layer becomes manipulated by the one beneath. In turn the final lines of text are heavily influenced by the varied bumps and indents on the canvas surface giving the final painting a historic aspect. The natural world is one of my primary influences and is a huge part of my working process. Although a lot of my subjects revolve around nature and theory i attempt to place myself and my work in the context of all that has come before me in Literature, Art and science while attempting to creating a subjective depiction of the future of our society."