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CRT & AV Dreams, 2019 - Serving the People
CRT & AV Dreams, 2019 - Serving the People

CRT & AV Dreams, 2019

Emily Cristina Santana Aponte
"Interactive" Video, Digital
Universidad de Puerto Rico


Mobile + Headphones or headset recommended! Watch in a dark room for deeper immersion. CW: Flashing lights/colors. This is a modified version of the piece in a 360 video format. This piece was originally displayed as three videos projected side by side to create a semi-panoramic screen. The theme of the piece is, obviously, nostalgia and it is by extension a love letter to the digital media that shaped my childhood. I mixed in phrases, objects, and clips of video games that I grew up with or marked me in some way. Though much of these relate to a lot of people my age, I included some things that only my family and I could relate to. The original intent of the piece was to encapsulate the spectator in a "bubble" of nostalgic over-stimulation and digital "softness".