5.5 x 8.5” black and white  paper catalogue of the virtual exhibition. Over a dozen pages of material featuring reproductions of the pieces shown in Liquid Extremes. Conveniently priced at the low sum of $1.99 for all to enjoy.

Liquid Extremes

In an age of extreme uncertainty, the motions of the familiar have become broken by an appropriate need for change. Liquid Extremes does not attempt to know any one angle of absolute truth, but instead invites the viewer to have an internal dialogue with where they stand emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (through figurative visual art) during these uncertain times. The art presented hopes to reflect the current change occurring at this moment and make it visible to some degree in order to have a conversation with the self, despite the growing frequency of noise being televised at every moment. From this precarious point forth, one needs to slow down and ask themselves, “What now?” before embarking towards this new decade.

Exhibition Catalogue

Organized by Tashi Salsedo