Serving the People (STP) is a platform created by artists for artists. Founded in 2017 by Lucien Smith, STP has built a community of young emerging artists who are looking for more accessible entry into the art world.

Our Mission

To provide accessibility to the arts for young and established artists alike, with no bias, encouraging experimentation and expanding means of creative expression.

Our Approach

We eliminate the barrier of entry for participation and practice an anti-curation multidisciplinary program free of commercial bias. By doing so, we are able to foster a worldwide community of creatives.

Our Network

Our community ranges from students to blue-chip artists and collectors. Through digital platforms like Discord, Instagram, and Substack, we are able to foster conversation and bring life to our programming.


"Explained in their own words, 'Serving the People is an organization' that provides a platform for creative enquiry and experimentation,' with a mission to return communality to art and to trim the corporate fat that galleries have been prone to rely on. This intention is palpable here and now, with kids and adults eating side by side in one long table..."

"... what started as an exhibition just for Cooper Union has snowballed into a sprawling international collaboraion, The BFA Show 2020, going live May 21, now includes work by 836 students from 96 art schools around the globe. No submissions were excluded and nothing is for sale."

"With schools and galleries shut down due to the pandemic, many art students have found themselves at a disappointing dead end. Hours of work spent on final projects, theses, and senior shows accumulating to nothing... or not, thanks in large part to Serving the People"

"... we had made our way to Milk Gallery, in support of the opening of STP's first physical show, to gather alongside an assemblage of multigenerational makers, from art world 'Gods', to the flock of Gen-Z fans fabricating their future. An audience suited to Serving The People -- the artist platform that fights for the young and assiduous artists, abundantly talented though lacking acces to the affluence of the art industry's topmost tier."

"The time of quarantine and social isolation has proved to be a very opportune moment to make use of digital connectivity to foster creative experiences. Taking creative inquiry and experimentation a step further, Lucien Smith's creative platform Serving The People (STP) is launching its own global arts education initiative dubbed The BFA Student Show."

"Living in Montauk for the past five years has helped Smith realize his new purpose: Serving The People (STP). Smith's mission for this non-profit platform is to promote his new works and the creations of like-minded, interdisciplinary artists without the 'commercial bias' of the art industry. He launched the first exhibition under the experimental initiative back in January during Frieze LA."

Launched by Lucien Smith, STP gives artists a chance to connect and grow beyond their immediate network. We offer education and resources to a global community, a platform for creatives to show their work and a steady stream of both digital and physical programming.


Lucien Smith

Founder, Executive Director

Lucien is an artist and founder of Serving the People. He is currently based both in Montauk, New York and Los Angeles, California. Smith’s provocative, mostly abstract canvases have earned him widespread acclaim. His most recent exhibition, Southampton Suite, is currently on display at Parrish Art Museum.

Ben Werther

Projects & Community Engagement

Ben is an artist from Nashville, living and working in New York City. His most recent exhibition YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD EVERY DAY was on display at Procell NYC as well as on the STP website. Werther is a creative consultant for STP, proposing ideas for branding and programming.

Adam Cohen

Managing Director

Adam began his career in the music business, at Bad Boy Records and Def Jam. He transitioned to Cornerstone Agency, working on brand campaigns for companies like Diageo, Nike, Xbox, and Pepsi before leading culture marketing at Red Bull. Most recently, Adam was at WeWork, building out talent partnerships and artist relations before joining STP.

Sam Grund

Lead Developer

Sam is a software engineer living in Brooklyn NY. He moved here a few years ago now and grew up in New Jersey.

Mia Manning

General Manager

Mia got her start booking and photographing local shows in Boston and has slowly started to explore more experimental photography and portraiture. Her likes include a well planned event, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Choose Your Own Adventure games. Along with managing general STP operations, Mia edits photo submissions for STP Blog.