1466 Lashes - Serving the People
1466 Lashes - Serving the People

1466 Lashes

Amir Hossein Dehghan
6 silver gelatin prints, 1 letterpressed print document. All of which are framed and mounted.
W : 76" H :34 " D: 2"
Dimensions including the spacing within the frames is : W: 1920 MM H: 870MM D: 52MM
Camberwell College of Arts

My name is Amir Dehghan, I am an artist/student at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts: London, UK. I am also a first generation British/Iranian immigrant. My practice surrounds it's self with political anti-regime topics within Iran. I have produced artworks exploring areas of the underground youth culture of Iran and current am focusing on work that documents the 2019 protests. 1466 Lashes This artwork consists of a series of portraits taken at an underground party in Shiraz, Iran. The portraits are accompanied by a text based work that quotes the penal code of Iran, in which it states various laws that enforce lashes. Each portrait is stamped with the number of lashes they owe, and the title is the total amount of lashes owed within the 6 portraits. The remainder is the amount of lashings I am owed. All of the pictures have been censored using an analog method in the darkroom. I have chosen to censor the images to maintain the political security of the people involved.