Building Raíces Bodega - Serving the People
Building Raíces Bodega - Serving the People

Building Raíces Bodega

Maria Useche
Adobe Programs and Blender
10ft. x 15ft (This is all a digital creation)
Pratt Institute



The Double Consciousness experience is a feeling of having 2 identities in one body and often leads to a third identity being formed. Immigrants and their families often experience this Double Consciousness where their identity is not connected to either their country of origin or the new one, but a blend of both. This thesis answers the question “How does the Double Consciousness translate to a visual language?” through a personal lens. ​ The Building Raìces Bodega houses the research, process, and executions of the journey that was the Building Raìces Thesis. This mobile bodega is placed in a truck to make the work accessible to people outside of institutions. Thus reaching its intended demographic of neighborhoods like Little Puerto Rico, Little Dominican Republic, and Little Colombia in New York City. ​ Inspired by and for mi familia.