Homage, 2020 - Serving the People
Homage, 2020 - Serving the People

Homage, 2020

Oona Bebout
21 x 14 in
53 x 35 cm
New York University


01. Breaking of bread, religious connotations, spiritual implications 02. Bread as sustenance, a way to connect to our earth, our bodies, our animal needs 03. The making of it as a meditation, like clay but clay that gives back to the body through nutrients 04. A creation that gives back to you and those that you love 05.There is labor in its production, often unseen. Homemade bread brings this labor to you, you put love and work into something that you can then share with those you love 06. This can be true with all foods, but bread has such a sculptural, hands on quality. You do not need any other tools except for your hands 07. The simplicity of it is also confounding. Flour and water is its first iteration, later adding, yeast, salt, sugar, eggs, etc. It is magical. From simple ingredients come a great offering 08. Bread has its roots in our history, it is embedded into culture and teachings and religion 09. How can I construct a process, a project, that pays homage to this history? to this giving of sustenance? To thank land and earth and time and ancestry (in general, not mine specifically) for this offering of knowledge, process, tradition, that has continued to fuel our humans? To enrich our humanity?