Interstice, 2020 - Serving the People
Interstice, 2020 - Serving the People

Interstice, 2020

Adriana Furlong oil, hand constructed shelf, and image transfer from archive on canvas
60 x 30"
152.4 x 76.2
Parsons School of Design



What I sought for in the work is for the piece to teeter on the edge of a structural entity, to extend the work sculpturally and thus somatically, making the piece not only something that conveys information, but has autonomy on the theological line of an object of utility and a seneschal of history. With the asymmetrical relationship between the formally unreliable silhouette of the off-cut and the simultaneous specificity yet easy applicable pastoral scenes, I hope to form tension between the two, a tension that I hope will create an interstice in which might live a nuanced version of the truth and fiction.