Seeing Blind, 2020 - Serving the People
Seeing Blind, 2020 - Serving the People

Seeing Blind, 2020

Shaina Suri
35mm photography
12 x 34 in
30.48 x 86.36 cm
Parsons School of Design

As artists and designers in today’s climate, our surroundings are saturated with pop-culture, visual media, and its trends. We tend to forget and ignore creative practices of the past along with their value. In addition, the current climate also provides a sensory overload, which causes us to find ourselves trudging on blindly through the world. This photo series explores an unconventional amalgamation of the past and present, displaying their tethered relationship and the contrast between the attitudes of today, set against the backdrop of a far yesterday. This series tries to bring awareness to the way the present has almost made us blind to the past. Shot at the Met Cloisters, a famous site with medieval European architecture, the subjects are dressed in modern clothing, contrasting with the aesthetic of the site and rejecting its presence with their eyes closed.