They Stand Tall, 2020 - Serving the People
They Stand Tall, 2020 - Serving the People

They Stand Tall, 2020

Alejandra Cuadra steel, earth, seeds of paper, weight of uncertainty, longing for breath, and rituals of making.
99.06x99.06x162.56 cm
Maine College of Art



Alejandra Cuadra  is a persistent and sensitive Human, Maker, Dreamer, and Believer. Her  roots are grounded in her homeland, Peru and the United States where she currently dwells. Within her studio and social practices she seeks ways of  creating space where there is a meditation with human connectivity and experiences through the reclaiming of physical, mental, and spiritual freedoms and spaces.

Alejandra threads components immigration, displacement, belonging, culture, rituals, traditions, and memories. Being transplanted from her homeland she seeks to never forget where she came from while reclaiming her bellowing within the places she dwells. She  processes the world through the rituals of making that can involve installations, fabrication, video, re-appropriated objects, sound, intuition and a desire for freedom.Through creativity she has gained hope, a place of belonging and a voice. She seeks ways to discover connectivity and empathy that can transcend walls and barriers through creativity, communication, collaboration, and community.