Ugly House on the Prairie
Ugly House on the Prairie Ugly House on the Prairie

Ugly House on the Prairie
Janelle Abbott

Inspired by the mythology of 19th century frontier, this look was crafted through the Zero Waste methodology from dead stock curtain textiles, reclaimed clothing, and second hand fabric scraps sourced by the artist Grandmother. Pictured: Look No. 05: Space Clown Crushed Velvet Romper and Ruffle Hat. Look No. 06: Blue Mountain Blouse, Scarecrow Ruffle Shorts, and Petticoat Hat.
Janelle Abbott is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and dumpster diver based in Seattle. She is passionate about reclaiming cast-off textiles and materials of all types in order to reconfigure them into new and better forms, including: clothing, tapestry, sculpture, furniture, floor coverings, drawings, paintings, and more. Since 2018 she has run the Wardrobe Therapy project, where she offers private clients the opportunity to explore their fashion history and reconstruct beloved (yet currently underutilized) garments into new pieces they can wear again and love all the more.
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