Untitled, 2020 - Serving the People
Untitled, 2020 - Serving the People

Untitled, 2020

Ciara Post
Painting: Oil on canvas and acrylic on wood
48 x 46 x 30
122 x 117 x 76
Barnard College

Artist Statement: The Funster climbs The Diamond Spire. Reaching the top, he devours a humungous peach. Its juice drips off of his fingers and forms a dark stain of words on the ground: “Truth is dispatched from the desert on a sword.” Another drip: “The weeds of discontent flourish in the exposed soil of an unplanned morrow.” Drip, drip: “Dedicated to Sandra who has always made all things possible.” When I was 16 and Ed was 12, there were two large peach pits lying on the table in front of him. He first denied knowledge of my legal rights to the peaches. Then he closed his hands under the table and multiplied them by two; he turned them into four concrete corners. And then he added a chair, some colored glass, and three spoons. And with that, he invariably had fun. The impish grin ended up in the walls and in the tiles, in the window panes, and in the floor boards. But with a scratch, and a puff of cigar smoke, the grin turned back into peach juice. So I stood on his ground, sanding the scratches with my callused feet and building blue windows that would be sharp enough to cut fruit.