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~ Don’t Look At Me by Jim Longden (Trailer)

This Thing of Ours presents ‘Don’t Look At Me’ a film by Jim Longden based on a day in the life of a delusional man on his birthday.

Starring Jackson D. Silva, Nell Williams, Josephine de La Baume, and Glen Mexted.
Director of Photography – Harry Wheeler

To learn more, take a look at our review of his last film “To Erase A Cloud” on Substack.
Release Date – TBC (2022)

~ Film Screening 3

Anthology Film Archive 
January 08, 2020
32 2nd Ave. New York,
NY 10003

Fairfax Cinema
February 13, 2020
611 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90056

Click Here for Highlights


Drinking The Water – Johann Rashid

Mason – Oliver Shahery

Great Choice – Robin Comisar

Make No Utopia – Casper Telly

Friday – Aisha Amin

O.G. Black the Snake Man – Hunter Ray Barker & Tucker Tripp

Let’s Get Lost – Sam Stillman

Bob of the Park – Jake Sumner

~ Film Screening Two

Chopping Onions
Adinah Dancyger

A portrait of a six-year old girl and her Korean grandmother during a summer in New York City. Cultural and language barriers break the purely romantic stage of their relationship which potentially ruins their innocent friendship forever.
John Michael Boling

A music-driven science fiction animated web series set in a world adjacent to our own.

~ Film Screening One

The Snowy Day
Directed by Lucien Smith

The morning after a blizzard, Antony, a 9 year old boy, spends the day exploring the snow-covered city. After making his way by himself to go sledding in Central Park, he realizes he doesn’t have the money to return home. Making his way back on foot, his ideal day turns into an unexpected challenge.
Directed by Grant Hyun

At a discreet host bar in Los Angeles, Kyeong uses his talent and charm to create the illusion of love for the women who hire him. When a new client pays him for a “2nd round,” Kyeong discovers too late that behind her kindly demeanor lies a disturbing request.
Directed by Peter Vack

Separated for the Summer, the only way for a teenage girl to communicate with her boyfriend is over the Internet.
Shegetsey Betsey
Directed by Betsey Brown
Directed by Max Walker-Silverman

A divorced cowboy. His estranged six year old daughter. Some shaggy uncles. A final visit to the sick family patriarch. ​
The Darby Bonarsky Story
Directed by Jaqueline Kramer & Dasha Nekrasova

Darby Bonarsky is an actress living in Koreatown, Los Angeles. A local filmmaker wanted to tell her story. This show-biz satire directed by Jacqueline Kramer and Dasha Nekrasova takes aim at narcissist celebrity culture and its unbalanced participants.